Spear elevator, R and L root tip picks.

All of us dentists who do extractions eventually come across a very, very difficult case that takes 30 minutes, an hour, or even longer. 

It usually involves a tooth that is embedded in rock-hard bone, or some other situation that is present (ankylosis, brittle RCT teeth, severe decay below the crest, etc.). 

The practitioner has to “chase” the root tip all the way down to the apex because the root is breaking and breaking over and over.  These procedures are challenging and grueling indeed!

I have put together a set of three commonly used instruments with some added design improvements to help bail you out of these situations.  

Tool Advantages: This set of three tools when used in conjunction with a long flame-shaped diamond to make a notch or purchase point will literally save the day.  The spear elevator in the set has an ergonomic handle to allow easier, more efficient advancement into the PDL space.  The spear can be used on teeth that are severely decayed below the bone crest, because one needs to get down below the decay level to get onto sound tooth to be able to move it.  

Why Dentists love this tool:
1. Ergonomic palm handle design for more power. 
2. Serrated edges grip and hold onto the tooth
3. The smaller root tip picks allow for better access to deep, broken root tips.


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